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BTEC National

Marketing Unit 3 - 2010 Specification


Download Edexcel BTEC National Marketing Unit 3 Specification


In this article we explain the criteria for BTEC National Marketing Unit 3 (2010) specification as stipulated by Edexcel. There is also relevant information to help you complete BTEC Marketing Unit 3

Criteria Hints from Edexcel Relevant links
Pass 1

Describe How Marketing Techniques Are Used To Market Products In Two Organisations

Ansoffs Matrix


Relationship Marketing

Ensure that when you are describing how marketing techniques such as Ansoff's matrix are used by organisations, you describe marketing techniques used by two organisations. Also make sure one description is about product marketing and that the other one is marketing a service.

Pass 2 Describe the limitations and constraints of marketing

Consumer Rights Act

Distance Selling Regulation

Consumer Credit Act

Data Protection Act

Advertising Standards Authority


Pass 3

Describe how a selected organisation uses marketing research to contribute to the development of its marketing plans

P3 Looks at how a firms uses research to help them plan for the future. The following links may help you

Market and Marketing Research

Primary Research

Secondary Research

Pass 4

Use marketing research for marketing planning



Pass 5 Explain How And Why Groups Of Customers Are Targeted For Selected Products

P5 is about choosing what customers to market products at through segmentation, targeting and positionning. The following links may help you


Requirements of segmentation



Pass 6 Develop a coherent marketing mix for a new product or service

P6 concentrates on the popular marketing mix, so use Product, Price, Place and Promotion for your new product or service.

The following pages will help you with P6

Marketing mix introduction

Product Strategies

Pricing Strategies

Place Strategies

Promotion Strategies



Unit 3 Pass One (P1)

P1 asks you to cover


Unit 3 Pass Two (P2)


P2 looks at the contraints on an organisation. This refers to the legal and voluntary constraints a company has to follow.


Unit 3 Pass Three (P3)


Unit 3 Pass Fou

Information to come soon.

Unit 3 Pass Five



Unit 3 Pass Six



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